Getting closer to POrtalBurn 2023…
Here’s what you need to know!

In this issue of POrtalBunny Speaks...

  • Parking Passes! What? How? Why?????

  • TICKETS!!!

  • Forms, Sign ups, Deadlines

    • Placement request form

    • Final call for art grant applications!

    • Help Guide listings, events, and Burrow sign ups

    • Volunteer sign ups


WHAT? --- This year, each car, or RV, or whatever vehicle you are driving into POrtalBurn needs a parking pass.

HOW?? --- You may purchase a parking pass on our ticketing page. If still need one, no prob. Return to our ticketing page, click "I have read the terms above", click "purchase tickets", and purchase yourself a parking pass. Done.

WHYYYY??? --- Every year we are faced with two BIG questions. 1) How many cars will end up at POrtalBurn. 2) WILL WE BE ABLE TO FIT EVERYONE??? Parking passes are an attempt to answer these questions and allow us to make a sweet parking plan. Oh yeah, and CARPOOLING IS COOL!!!


This year POrtalBurn sold out in a little less than two days. WOW! We are super happy for those of you who got tickets, and super sad that some of you did not. Currently we are assessing the parking situation to figure out if we can release any tickets in the OMG sale starting Monday July 10th at 6pm. STAY TUNED!

Please note, by the time the OMG sale begins, it will be too late to submit the placement form to request placement for art, a camper, on site parking, or your theme camp, so make sure someone else in your camp with tickets has already done it! More placement info below. 

If you have extra tickets to sell or still need to acquire a ticket, please do so in our facebook group! We will create some threads soon to help facilitate this. 

Forms, Sign Ups, Deadlines

Complete the Placement Request Form if you're bringing

  • A theme camp

  • A sound Camp

  • A camp with fire art

  • Flaming art of any kind

  • An RV 

  • Any kind of vehicle you need to park in your camp

Complete the form by 11:59pm on Tuesday June 27th! NO LATE REQUESTS WILL BE TAKEN!

Art Grants

Last chance to submit your ART Grant Application. FINAL deadline is June 9th. Show us your art!

Help Guide and Events

Have an event? Get listed in the Help Guide!

Want to host an event in the Burrow? BOOK IT!
(Be sure you also submit Burrow events to The Help Guide so your Burrow event gets listed!)

Submission deadline is July 14th at midnight, sharp!

POrtal Potties

Want a grant to beautify a POrtal Potty? APPLY!

POrtalBunny needs YOU to Volunteer!

We need volunteers to make it all go! Opportunities abound for all types of Burners. Indeed there is something for everybunny. It's a great way to meet peeps and dive into the community. Sign up for a couple of shifts now so we know we can make POrtalBurn 2023 happen!

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